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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Yeah they need pacific islander, mixed race, everything but whitey. But that doesn't mean white people should think they don't need to sign up. Everyone should be on the registry if there health allows.

Can anyone come up with one good reason why you wouldn't want to be?
So, if they have all the white people they need, why would a white person need to sign up? Do I understand that right?

Also, say you get called and told that you're needed. What's the process - do you know? Do you fly to wherever the person needing the transplant lives? Are you out for awhile? I vaguely remember someone telling me the process was pretty nasty.

I'd be willing to do it, I think. It would be incredible to know that you helped someone live - even if it wasn't altogether pleasant. But I am as white as white can be.
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