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ALso gunns not sure on the numbers but I think it's like a 50% chance or a little less a family member will match. And then some crazy % that sounds like I couldn't come true. But when there are 11 million, and it's like 1 in a million, you have a shot.......If you are white!!!!!

And thats not racist. I'm saying that we need more Latinos and blacks to do this. The numbers are shamefull and something has to be done about it.

Hopefully a lot of people on the board sign up. I'm going to try and sign up people at my bands next gig as well. You know just mention the website and that it's easy.

Don't wait until it's a family member. It's not like giving a lung, you make the marrow back!!!!!! The risk is almost nothing.

I know some of you will sign up. Too many good people on this board to just blow it off. Who knows one of the Bronco faithfull from the Latino persuasion might just be a match for the girl in that story.

The girl that was my brothers match also adopted special needs kids. She's sort of a rebel and rides motorcycles across the country, a little rough around the edges, and has a big check with the family she refused to cash.

I guess now all the kids have been put into families so she is cruising the country somewhere. The odd life saver roaming the country on a motorcycle by herself. Just trips me out thinking about it.
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