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Gunns what is weird about it is blood type plays no role. My brothers actually has a new blood type now. They call them HLA factors and a certain number have to match. Some matches are better then others. Them more HLA factors that match the less rejection.

I know sometimes things I say on the board don't come off right. I'm opinionated and I guess sometimes I have a lot to learn.

I do no one thing though and thats we can do better then a few paltry million when we are country of 300 million.

I would give anything to have Obama talk about this. Just give a speach and tell Americans he wants them to sign up. I wrote Bush a letter about it but nothing of course. Just seems that with all the causes some star would do a registry marrow drive.

I mean the 2 yrs mecks friend got just the begginning. My Brother like 7 yrs since his transplant. Many people have lived 20-30 yrs.

It's so easy people. Chances are you will never be called, but how good would that feel to be able to save a life. IMO better then hitting the lottery. Unless the kid grows up to win 300 games and 8 superbowls for the Raiders.

All kidding aside my first sticky!!!!!! And honestly the only one that was ever worth it.
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