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Originally Posted by B-Love View Post
Exactly right! It's unfortunate that the system is the way it is, but Floyd just does not measure up to Randy right now, and Randy is actually pretty close.

Switching a mass effort to Floyd will just help ensure neither guy makes it. I'd love to see it. Randy has a 50% + chance of making it on the Senior Ballot and Floyd has a 10% chance currently.

Work your odds correctly and don't muck it up for both guys.

The 8 Senior Writers WILL NEVER serve up two Broncos in one season for the Hall vote. only one will get there and randy is more deserving.

It doesn't matter to the Hall Voters that Floyd "saved the franchise" blah blah. They don't give a **** about that. We do but they don"t.
Well then we can start a poll and pick a ****ing guy.

The fact is that we need to do more as fans to promote those Broncos that should be in but were jobbed.

Right now other than some website we are not doing anything for any of our deserving Broncos.

Do something DAMNIT!
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