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Ryan Clady

Originally Posted by B-Love View Post
I don't wanna piss anyone off here including The great "Floyd Loving Boys" Moops and Hogan. Love both of those guys and their love of old school.

But any effort right now to support Floyd with the Seniors Committee, will just deflect the efforts underway for Randy Gradishar.

Floyd candidacy really has no legs right now, short of a few writers here and there.

All of the current Seniors Committee have voted for Randy in the past, and Randy made it to the final vote twice. It is very reasonable that Randy will make it within the next decade on the Seniors vote.

But as a pecking order goes, Randy is slighly more deserving than Floyd, and Randy's candidacy does have some legitimate legs already.

Get Randy in first then work on Floyd. If both Broncos greats have two seperate camps working at the same time, it will negate both of them. That is unfortunatley a part of the way the system works.
I hear what you are saying B-Love.

But if it wasn't for Floyd, Randy probably would have never played for Denver. Floyd legitimized this franchise. As great a player as Randy was, I say Floyd in the Hall first.
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