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Originally Posted by aborquez147 View Post

kaylore are you still using that Merkur Futur? I remembered this thread and I'm in the market for one - still recommend it after 3 years?
Yes! It's excellent. I have had some issues with soap scum build up but it's fairly easy to clean. The thing you can't beat the is the razors give you a closer shave than standard multiple blade razors and they are dirt cheap. You can remove the blades and clean and rotate them as well to get more use out of them which is a boon in these tough times.

I do keep an old mach 3 for under my lip and parts of my chin when I'm in a hurry, but the Merkur is one of the best investments you'll make. It's made of a solid stainless steel and will probably last you the rest of your life.
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