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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post

Check the very, VERY last note he blasts out as it fades ... is that altissimo, or just really high?
Well yeah it is. Altissimo just means i guess past the point a sax or instrument is designed to go. Trust me ole adolph sax would probably freak out if he heard Lenny Picket. He had no idea it would sound like this. Really sax a young instrument, only what 140-150 yrs old I think.

Supposedly Adolph Sax fled europe to the USA to show his sax but it could have just been promotional hype. The story was the instrument so different and silky sounding cornet and trumpet makers feared its competition.

Just think what a guy like Motzart would have written for sax. Its not in symphonies as a rule because of the fact it wasn't around in the era of classical musics beginnings.

Safe to say though guys like Motzart would have used its ability to go from sweet to dirty with the flick of your Uvula. No not vulva you perverts!!!!!!!!!!!
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