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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
For guitar players they will sort of mute the string and pluck it and it goes higher, they call it a harmonic. Still though its a note.
Yeah, I angle the pick and kinda slice the string and it'll wail out a harmonic if you do it right. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top nails aloot of 'em.

Originally Posted by cuts
Everything can be boiled down to that would be an F or a G at this point on the staff, for that instruments key.
Oh my lord ... do not EVEN get me started on how notes are different on horns than they are on piano/gutar ... my head will start hurting.

I've played in a few bands with horns and I always get dizzy when they try to explain ... f'ing thing violates my left-brain mojo!

I just listened to "Shaker Song" for the first time in years ... the guys pretty wild, all kinda all over the place. The very last note as the tune fades to air is a altissimo I think ... if you listen to it lemme know.

Hey, what about bari? You never see those but I luv 'em ....
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