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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Cuts, download that "Shaker Song" on Limewire or somewhere .... I guarantee you'll love it.

"Altissimo," eh? I'll remember that ... Lenny Pickett too

"Ten Inch Record" would be a rowdy rouser in a rowdy bar, no doubt ... save it for a late set. Man, I freakin' idolized Toys in the Attic when I was a kid.
Whats funny is we have so many closer type songs. I set out to be a Blues Brothers type horn section, but with a frontman more like the guy from the commitments.

We have a lot of in your face closer type songs. We just roll through them lol.

We do have a couple mellow jazzier tunes like Bozz Scags T Bone Shuffle, we like to open with that gives a chance to warm up.

But then its just like this.......Soul Man, Mr Pitiful, Hard to Handle, Let The Good Times Roll, Sweet Home Chicago, Messin w/Kid, etc etc...then we will play like one slow song ray charles etc... then back to 10th ave Freezout, Domino, Wild Night, SHaky Ground.. we do alot of non blues that we feel is bluesy or soulful so Van Morrison we love.

My favorite singers are Otis Redding, Ray CHarles, BB King, Van Morrison and we do a few of each of them.
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