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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Ever hear the alto sax on "Shaker Song" from Manhattan Transfer's Extensions album? Freaking wailer.....!!!!

So that's a high C you belted out there? I thought that was a harmonic note ... I guess harmonic blasts go a lot higher, eh? Sometimes they sound like the reed is gonna split. I'm not a Foreigner fan, but "Urgent" has one of those I think.

I love me some baritone sax too .... you don't hear them a lot, but that can really hammer home some R&B ... for example, "When Something is Wrong" by Neville and Ronstadt. Great stuff
Yeah I have all that in my collection, great stuff.

Well its hard because people use different terms for harmonics.

For guitar players they will sort of mute the string and pluck it and it goes higher, they call it a harmonic. Still though its a note. Everything can be boiled down to that would be an F or a G at this point on the staff, for that instruments key.

For sax players we have what we call Multiphonics. Its sort of same thing were you can get different sounds out of alternate fingerings, and then change the pitch based on your throat.

Now altissimo also done with alternate fingerings, and some people call that technique harmonics. It also is done by using a fingering that is not designed on the sax. Also every sax is different which is why it is maddening.

What young players fail to realize is the fingering is only a small part of it. It's actually all done in your throat, raising your tounge to speed up the air. So while you tounge speeds up the air, and your throat opens for air, but at the same time uses muscles developed there to squeeze the note to the higher level. But hitting actually pitches that are in the scale is not easy.

You will hear young players squeeking away because they just dont have the muscles developed yet to sound good and control a piece of cane that like you said sounds sometimes like it will split. Finding good reeds like an obsession with sax players, although I have been broken of that curse through counseling.

Thanks for even indulging me with some banter on the saxophone.
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