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Originally Posted by Iron Clady View Post
Dam, only If I could blow harp' good enough to jam with a band.

If I learned 12 bar blues and had the right key harps it would work.
I one word for........Lessons. You will come further in a few months with a good teacher then a yr by yourself.

Figure a way to find someone not so good you cant afford him. Just someone who does it on the side for no more then 25 bucks a lesson.

Start with one lesson every month and see if you get into it. IE practice what teacher said to and then show him what you learned. If your doing that go every 2 weeks. If you get really into it every week.

If you have even any talent it will come out faster then you think.

Now I wont like I have been playing since I was 13 yrs old and I am almost 40. But really its about what you play sounding good, as opposed to being able to shred to any certain level.

Playing in a band is about saying what can I do to make other guys sound better. That means not playing over there parts and understanding when your part is important (the tag or lead melody) or the backing and texture of a passage. Then when it comes to soling make sure you know what scale to use for the song and play licks that sound good. If you can't play 16th notes at the tempo then dont play them. Make simple licks and play them well, play when you are supposed to, most important play in tune, and if you tried I bet you could blow some hard with a blues band in a yr.

You would just have to find guys not a ton better then you, but maybe just a little better.

You will find many groups have a bunch of great players but they play so often they have no time to rehearse. More avg players just have to practice the tunes more but often play the same song.
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