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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I just started recording myself so I could listen. I think my vibrato a little to shallow and quick. I want it to be a tad more deep and a little slower but I am working on it. My teacher also always harping on me for that.

Harmonic, or what we horn players call altissimo is something that takes a long time to do I have been working on that since high school. I do have a really expensive mouthpiece though that helps, and a really nice custom Phil Barone copper neck. The high baffle metal mouthpiece give me the edge and the ability to get really high into the altissimo, but then the Copper neck warms and centers the sound back a little so I don't sound to thin. It is a modern sound though that is for sure so its a little edgy sometimes.

We are thinking about doing Aerosmiths Big 10 Inch version. I think drunk people would like it.

Also on the high notes my highest in that solo was 4th octave C for me. Pretty high for the avg Joe. To put it in perspective Lenny Pickett, the god of Altissimo, routinely plays licks up to the 5th octave of G and even higher.
Ever hear the alto sax on "Shaker Song" from Manhattan Transfer's Extensions album? Freaking wailer.....!!!!

So that's a high C you belted out there? I thought that was a harmonic note ... I guess harmonic blasts go a lot higher, eh? Sometimes they sound like the reed is gonna split. I'm not a Foreigner fan, but "Urgent" has one of those I think.

I love me some baritone sax too .... you don't hear them a lot, but that can really hammer home some R&B ... for example, "When Something is Wrong" by Neville and Ronstadt. Great stuff
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