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Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
Everyones, Biochem is different so there could be a 1,000 different reasons why your body takes longer to get with the program. Could of been the alcohol consumption, hidden carbs, exercise, too many calories.. The list goes on and on.

As for the ketostix they are about $10 for a pack pf 50... and don't listen to Rev, the Ketostix are accurate it's "user error" that causes problems. Just follow the directions. As with all urinalysis, hydration levels play a significant role in their results. Try to keep your fluid level the same throughout the day and make sure to use the stix at the same time every day.

The stix are just a tool to help guage the level of ketone bodies in your urine... The thought is that the greater the concentration of ketones the more severe the level of ketosis in the body. Not an exact, just another tool to help you out.
User error my ass.

The sticks suck and are completely superfluous.

Metal taste in your mouth? You're in keto. Problem solved.

Reasons they suck:

1 hydration levels varies from day to day. Hell, you could even dehydrate yourself a bit on a carb heavy diet and they'll read that you're in ketosis. And vice versa.

After you have been on a keto type diet for > 6 weeks your urine might not contain ketones as your body is using fat more efficiently for fuel

If eating the proper amount of fat/protein ratio, there are no excess ketones to piss out.

Ketone levels shift depending on the time a day. You can piss negatively in the afternoon when they're low, and positive around midnight when they peak.

And a laundry list of other reasons they suck.

Ketones are simply partially burned fat molecules, with no guarantee of the source of that fat. Explanation from one of the founders...

This quote is from Lyle McDonald himself:

"Ketones can be made from either dietary fat or body fat.
The amount of ketones made from body fat depends on the concentration of
ketones in your bloodstream (which we can indirectly measure by ketone
concentration in your urine as urinary excretion represents the difference
between ketone production and ketone utilization)

Hence, it makes sense to me that keeping blood concentration of ketones low
(by not putting in loads of dietary fat all the time or even diluting it by
drinking boatloads of water) should allow for more bodyfat to be used."
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