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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
I might buy those thing today ... but, how much are they? Cause I don't really need them, I'm sub 20 a day ever since you threw that wet blanket over me

Question for you and Florida: The first time I did Atkins I was a sub-20-carbs stickler for 18-19 days, then went back to a basically normal diet.

DURING those 18 days I lost just a couple pounds. But after that ... in weeks 4 and 5 after starting, while eating a normal diet, THAT'S when the pounds started falling off, just FALLING off. Jeans that were tight one day were actually falling down a week later. Lost 20+ pounds in a month from just those 18 days.

So, is there some kind of delayed effect?
I hate those Keto strips. They're notoriously inaccurrate and give false results.

You KNOW when you're in keto. You feel like **** the first couple days while your brain is making the switch. Once there you feel better but there's still dead give-aways. Personally difficulty falling asleep is my main issue.
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