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Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
For an easy way to find out, get some Ketostix from your local phamacy. They test the level of ketone bodies in the urine. This will tell you for sure if 30-40 grams is too much.

I might buy those thing today ... but, how much are they? Cause I don't really need them, I'm sub 20 a day ever since you threw that wet blanket over me

Question for you and Florida: The first time I did Atkins I was a sub-20-carbs stickler for 18-19 days, then went back to a basically normal diet.

DURING those 18 days I lost just a couple pounds. But after that ... in weeks 4 and 5 after starting, while eating a normal diet, THAT'S when the pounds started falling off, just FALLING off. Jeans that were tight one day were actually falling down a week later. Lost 20+ pounds in about six weeks from just those 18 days.

So, is there some kind of delayed effect?
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