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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
You seem to be doing a good enough job not to worry about it.

I'm cutting my weight right now... I'm at 18 lbs in less than a month right now and I've got about 6 more to go. I'm certain I've lost muscle with fat, but nothing I can't put back on quickly when summer ends and I dirty bulk again.

Personal suggestion to avoid needing lean pockets at all:

Buy 3 lbs of 96% lean ground beef, 3 cans of kidney beans, 4 cans of stewed tomatoes and make a massive vat of chili. Even though it's hyper lean, after you brown the beef, drain what little fat there is anyways.

Shove it in the fridge. Anytime you want a quick meal that's high protein, moderate carbs and low fat, you can throw some in the microwave.

Tastes a lot better than a lean pocket too.
I do that already, but use ground turkey or ground chicken instead. You can also add black beans to increase fiber and protein to the meal.
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