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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Really?! He must've left that part outta the book. I know beer is a no-no (although Bud Ice and Keystone have just 5 carbs), but Dave ... spirits have zero carbs!

And Atkins is actually working somewhat ... just not as well as the first time.

Thanks a lot Dave, seriously ... you really know this stuff cold. I appreciate the tutorial, and I will get tough on the carb count and report back here say, after the weekend of the 4th. Gotta drink more water too, that's important.

(Ketogenesis = ketosis = lypolisis ?)
It's not the problem of alcohol having carbs... It's solely a function of it's effect on lipoprotien lipase. With out that enzyme the body is SEVER LY hampered in it's conversion of fat cells into fatty acids that can be used for energy.

Lipolysis is a part of the ketogenic process... Lypolisys is the act of breaking down a fat cell into it's individual fatty acids. Ketosis occurs once the liver begins to produce ketone bodies that are used in the conversion of fatty acids into energy.
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