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Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
By the way Alcohol breaks down a very important chemical called lipoprotien lipase. Without this enzyme the body can not breakdown fat. Specifically subcutaneous bodyfat. Point is, the booze is destroying the one chemical needed for ketogenisis to take place... add to that you are taking in approx. double the carbs the diet calls for.

I think we just figured out why it isn't working...
Really?! He must've left that part outta the book. I know beer is a no-no (although Bud Ice and Keystone have just 5 carbs), but Dave ... spirits have zero carbs!

And Atkins is actually working somewhat ... just not as well as the first time.

Thanks a lot Dave, seriously ... you really know this stuff cold. I appreciate the tutorial, and I will get tough on the carb count and report back here say, after the weekend of the 4th. Gotta drink more water too, that's important.

(Ketogenesis = ketosis = lypolisis ?)
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