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Originally Posted by Florida_Bronco View Post
That's exactly right. Even after you've been on these low carb diets for awhile you still can't increase your carb intake that high unless you're an extremely efficent fat burner. I've kept my carb intake down around 20g per day but allow a little leeway up to 30g per day.

Buff, did you ever read that PDF I sent you? That version of the low carb diet works a little better than Atkins and after the first two weeks you can eat whatever you want on the weekends. Looking forward to those weekends have kept me sane on this diet and it performs a very important function in the diet as it replenishes your glyocen levels. Also with the protein intake being low on the weekends it's been said that your body will make the most use out of the protein you take in starting on Mondays.

Also, TheDave is right about the alcohol too. It's the worst thing for a low carb diet, even worse than sugar. You ABSOLUTELY need to ban that from your diet (except for the weekends) no matter if it's a low carb light beer or not.
I tried your diet out for a while. I just had a really hard time keeping up my energy stores and I think I just had a hard time supplanting carbs and replacing them with other forms of calories. I did it for about 2.5 weeks and went back to my old diet. Not to knock it, I think my body just works well with my higher carb and protein intake.

I may give it another try after the summer, but gotta have the summer body for now!!
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