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Originally Posted by Pseudofool View Post
Well, that's just poopy. I'm not sure I have the willpower (nor the cash) to really change my diet. I'm pretty much eating eggs in the morning and tuna and crackers at night. I don't really eat much I think (but the drinking might add the calories), but I wasn't getting any exercise for years. (Is eating less the same as dieting?).

(I think my problem is really just undiagnosed depression, hence lack of willpower. I thought exercise might get me out of the rut, but it hasn't yet, maybe I should just start popping and the willpower will start to follow).

I know I could read up on this stuff, but that takes will power, and the only motivation I've got is to dispense opinion on message boards (so sad!).
I'm not claiming a great deal of expertise, but if you listen to a couple simple words of advice, I think I could help you more than you realize at first read through.

First of all, avoid processed foods.

You'd be surprised the impact that alone can have on your life.

Secondly, you didn't mention a goal, but I'm going to guess it's fat loss.

So take your body weight, multiply by 1.2 and make that your caloric intake.

If you can follow those 2 steps alone, you'll be shocked by the dramatic body transformation you can make in a few months by following ONLY those steps.

Now... if you're more athletic than you seem to be from a couple message board posts:

Then increase your calorie intake, but try and change your macros to:

40 pro (minimum!)/40 carb/20 fat (remember 1g of pro/carb/fat = 4/4/9).

Try to take the bulk of your carbs in the morning, or immediately following a workout.

Also, weight training is amazing. It'll boost your metabolism by AT LEAST 10% if you train semi-properly to upwards of 20%. On top of that, for every lb of muscle you gain, you're increasing the caloric fuel it takes to run your body. Adding muscle is fairly easy for beginners.

Best wishes in achieving whatever your goals are.
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