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Originally Posted by Pseudofool View Post
I've started jogging with my dog (going on my third or fourth week). Hard as hell to motivate myself out the door. Had to buy an mp3 player as incentive. I can only jog about half or so (3/4ths today, but that was new) of the 2 miles we go. Dog likes it, though it sucks when she suddenly stops to dart at a squirrel or to take a poo.

It's really difficult to find motivation to stay in shape. Those that have a routine or naturally find motivation to do so count yourself lucky. It's just not easy to do.

I've got a fairly large gut, and I've done some sit-ups everyday using an ab roller, but my love handles are the bad part, and I'm not sure the sit ups do much there. Any advice for a naturally lazy guy?
I'd like to take a quick opportunity to remind you that cardio is for the heart and diet is for fat loss.

Running 5 miles is roughly the equivalent of only one healthy, low cal meal.

If your desire is heart health, please continue. If your goal is fat loss, please state so and there are several people here qualified to helping you adjust your diet to achieve your goal if your will power can match it.
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