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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Awesome. I have to do that sometime. I might be catching them at Lolla later this summer, but I can't imagine that would be the same as a full out show.
I'm sure that they would be fun in any setting. However, catch them in a club before you cant anymore. They'll eventually catch on and you may be sitting in seats for the show in large halls, which would be criminal.

I'm also an advocate of catching a band while they are in their prime. You never know when the passion ceases and the music suffers because of it. Spend that 30 bucks, have the experience, and keep that ticket stub to show your kids in the future.

You'd have a blast.

I'm in this video :

I'm the only dude in frame with a hat on (my Broncos hat no can probably see the NFL logo on the back)
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