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Branden Albert is lazy!!! ROFL

Branden Albert knew what the topic was Sunday, and he smiled when the questions came. The Chiefs left tackle, one of the team's most promising young players, came to two tough realizations nearly three months ago: His offseason relaxation had gone on too long, and Albert's new coach, Todd Haley, isn't the type to overlook a few extra pounds.

"The first day I got here," Albert said Sunday, "when I weighed in, he said, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no.’ "

Albert weighed 341 pounds on that day in March, more than 15 pounds heavier than his playing weight during an impressive rookie season in which Albert made the move from college guard to pro tackle, a tall order ordinarily even for a first-round pick.

"He’s a guy who came in way out of shape that I was pretty disappointed in, that we were all pretty disappointed in," Haley said Sunday. "He kind of let himself go from the end of the season and probably during the season a little bit."
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