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Francis Daytona

Originally Posted by Dark Helmet View Post
The dude is a hero if you ask me. The only mistake he made was not to put 5 or 6 in him right off the bat. More people like that = less crime. Crime would be much less prevalent if we quit screwing around and babying felons.

I would love to see the "eye for an eye" justice system brought to America. Sex crimes against children = castration. Kill someone while drinking and driving = death sentence. Theft = lose your hand.

Now, that may be a little harsh and a median could most definitely be found. Take Singapore for example. A kid vandalized a car and 4 lashings from a bamboo rod....which should have been 6 but good old Clinton had it reduced. I'm willing to bet that most of the countries listed below have a very harsh judicial system.

Funny....the US is at the top for most crimes per capita...

Crime Statistics > Total crimes (most recent) by country
Definition Source Printable version
Pie Chart Map

Showing latest available data.

United States 18.7%
United Kingdom 10.3%
Germany 10.2%
France 5.9%
Russia 4.6%
Japan 4.5%
South Africa 4.2%
Canada 4%
Italy 3.5%
India 2.8%
Korea, South 2.4%
Mexico 2.4%
Netherlands 2.2%
Poland 2.2%
Argentina 2.1%
Sweden 1.9%
Belgium 1.5%
Spain 1.5%
Chile 0.9%
Thailand 0.9%
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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
I still wouldn't convict him. It's not his fault those kids decided to rob the place with a firearm.
It is his fault he murdered the kid. Thankfully our justice system is based on one being held accountable for their actions, not others.
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