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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco
I wonder how many of the "he's clearly guilty of murder" people here would even consider convicting this cashier of anything if the situation were a little different. Say, you walked in on this guy molesting your 6 or 7 year old daughter. You shot him in the head, and he was no longer a threat to you or the child, but you still decided to empty the clip in him after waiting 45 seconds.

If you were on that jury, would you convict the man of anything? If you are being consistent, you have to ignore the original crime which resulted in the shooting. All you are doing is evaluating the shooter's behavior after the first shot without context
Now, keep in mind, I'm not asking "should you convict" but "would you convict"? And is your answer different for the two possible scenarios presented (armed robber vs. pedophile). That is all. I'm not asking for what you should do based on the law in a vacuum. I'm asking, personally, what would you do?
I would vote to convict.

I say this having 5 daughters, and having long ago thought through how I personally would react to an event such as that, meaning that while I can tell myself that a cooler head should prevail, I would probably lose control and blow the perp away. I also believe to do so would still make me a murderer worthy of trial for that crime.

Your comparison forces an enormous leap forward based on the use of a hot button emotional issue not validated by the circumstances. In one scenario, every father's worst nightmare comes true and horrible damage is actually done to his daughter that will leave a lifetime scar. In the other, no shot is even fired in the few seconds the events occured and nobody is actually harmed except the kid the pharmacist murdered. I think you're comparing apples to oranges in order to invalidate the view that the murder commited should be excused. Having been robbed with a gun stuck in my face, I would equate my emotions regarding that with far less anger than I would have if someone assaulted one of my girls.

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