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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by broncofan7 View Post
Why would you walk outside with 2 females not knowing how many of the criminals were outside or where they were? You could very well be walking right into more problems.The 3 of them were safer inside the store as they could lock the door which creates a slight barrier to any re-intrusions. --given that he elminated the risk of the criminal on the floor.
Well, he already chased the first kid out the door with an empty gun (that was the fourteen year old who got away, but has since been picked up and also charged with murder), so I suppose he already knew what the scene was outside. He walked past the sixteen year old on the ground twice with his back turned, so it doesn't seem likely that he felt threatened by him. If he thought the kid might be armed, you'd think he would have been highly cautious about approaching him again, but he's not at all, according to the video. He just walks right up and blasts away. The prosecutor says the evidence shows the kid was hit in the head and was unconscious.

Now, it appears they have arrested two adult males, one of whom was the ex-bf of the dead kid's mother. The two adults coerced the kids into robbing the pharmacy by threatening them.

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