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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27 View Post
Here's a pix of the "societal garbage"...

This was a boy who by emerging accounts, had never been in trouble before, another example of a young kid who make an incredibly poor decision; one that now appears may have been influenced and orchestrated by an adult in his life. In this case, it ended his life before he had the chance to make changes someone else might have been able to reach him with. .
Sorry man, I didn't know he was black. I guess that should change my opinion. Innocent people should die for him. My bad.

Tell you what, let's keep letting these kids (of any color) fire up stores, neighborhoods and shopping malls and leading police on chases just so we can hopefully "reach" one of them.

Good point. There's no amount of innocent lives that matters. If 100 innocent people are killed, it's still best that we saved these kids so we can "reach" them.

Or, maybe the douche-bags who raise these kids could get their **** together so they're not shooting up innocent people? Crazy idea, I know.

Run into a place waving a gun and/or shooting at people, and it shouldn't be a real surprise to you if you end up dead.

You champion the criminals, Footsteps... I'll side with the innocent.

This shop owner went too far. We can agree with that. I still understand why he did.
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