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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27
Watch this video:

He should change his defense to not guilty by reason of limited mental capacity, because this guy's either lying through his teeth or he's dumber than dirt. Listening to him...I think it's a little of both.

Originally Posted by Spider View Post
Not really , I understand his line of thinking , I have been there ........
Guess what? So have I...doesnt' matter.

What you're telling me is that when he says, "I wasn't trying to kill him", that you believe this combat veteran actually didn't know that pumping 5 bullets into the stomach and chest of a guy laying motionless on the floor would kill him? If that's true...then yes...he's mentally deficient.

Explain your reasoning here. I'm pretty sure anyone...let alone a combat vet...would know the results of that action.

Here's some very damaging video equipped with time stamping so you can see the thing exactly as it unfolded:

Look at this according to the time counter:

1) 40 min 34 sec- robbers enter the store
2) 40 min 35-45 sec- Antwun Parker never pulls a weapon, but struggles to put on a ski mask instead.
3) 40 min 46 sec- Parker is shot and falls to the floor
4) 40 min 50 sec- Pharmacist heads to front door to pursue 2nd robber
5) 40 min 50.5 sec- Pharmacist turns head to see Parker on the floor
6) 41 min 15 sec- Pharmacist returns to the store
7) 41 min 17 sec- Pharmacist walks past the body of Parker
8) 41 min 32 sec- Pharmacist returns and fires 5 shots, killing Parker

Several things...first; Parker never points a gun at anyone, and appears to not even have one, but spent the entire time leading up to him being shot in the head fumbling with his ski mask, and from the time the store owner leaves the store to pursue the other kid, to his a full 25 seconds, plus another 17 seconds before he kills the kid. That's 42 seconds that he had to think through what he was about to do. If you look at the video, he not only walks past the kid on the floor, he actually never even stops to see if the kid is still a threat or not. That's because it was obvious he wasn't and if you look at the tape at 40:52.5 you can see hiim turn his head to check if the guy is moving or still a threat before he leaves the store. That's not panic, it's an experienced combat veteran checking his surroundings before proceeding.

If this guy had been scared for his life, would he have casually walked right back into the store and walked right up to this guy and never even looked down to see if he's still moving or trying to reach a weapon? No way. He's not some 18 year old kid who panicked, he's a 57 year old combat vet from the Gulf War who knew from experience before he even left out the door this guy wasn't a threat. Then on his return, he took the time to walk to the counter and get his gun, which took another 17 seconds, then return to shoot him to death, there is no question that he had ample opportunity to make a different choice than the one he did. Nobody can reasonably argue differently.

According to Oklahoma law, he did not act in fear of his life or in self defense when he fired the fatal shots. Anyone with an open mind can see that by looking at this tape.
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