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Joe Mays

Originally Posted by Popps View Post
This is just another one of these recent cases where a wonderful thing happened, and unfortunately, the person that did the good deed will be punished.

Should the owner be punished? Of course. It's clear that he went beyond legal limits. But, that doesn't take away the great deed he did for society.... cleaning some societal garbage off of the streets for us.
Here's a pix of the "societal garbage"...

This was a boy who by emerging accounts, had never been in trouble before, another example of a young kid who make an incredibly poor decision; one that now appears may have been influenced and orchestrated by an adult in his life. In this case, it ended his life before he had the chance to make changes someone else might have been able to reach him with.

But you're right...every 16 year old kid in America should be murdered in cold blood if they make the kind of mistake this one did. Let nobody say you're not a reasonable, intelligent, well balanced person.
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