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The funny part is how fast that dudes partner took off when the shooting started. He saw his buddies head get blasted and ran like the little punk he is.

I can't think of a harder profession to find a good partner in. Criminals notorious for being dishonest and untrustworthy.

They ran in like some tough guys and found out the hard way they were a couple of little pussies.

I hope the shooter doesn't do a lot of time.

IMO 2 yrs would be a fair amount of time for him to think about why you don't shoot someone, even a thug loser like this kid, when they are already incapacitated.

Let's face it the life he took was worthless to society, but this pharmacist is obviously someone who contributes so society and IMO we don't want to spend money keeping him in prison when he could be out making money and paying taxes. I want people in prison who are a threat to society, not this guy.
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