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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
If more people do what he did more shop attendants will get shot.
I dont think so. Convenience store workers and other folks at jeopardy in these types of crimes are injured or shot anyway.

This is a very unfortunate circumstance, but our pity for the loss of this young fool should not overshadow the situation that he put himself and the pharmacist in. The criminal created the situation, and the pharmacist's life was put in danger.

If you deny a person like this pharmacist the right to defend themself, you are essentially removing his right to protect himself from death as well as protect his family and his property.

The pharmacist went back to ensure that the criminal couldnt hurt him, and in his heightened state he may have gone overboard. But lets not miss the forest for the trees. This is not capital may be something else, but murder is not the right interpretation.
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