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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
damn, thats tough. dont think the ages should matter, but the guy was obviously filled with so much emotion, the incident probably happened so quick and split second decisions were made. His life will forever be changed because of this. Im sure if he could go back he would probably have still shot the kid but once he came back maybe not fired shots. Just happened so quick that he wasnt thinking about the law or any consequences or what is or isnt acceptable. Just wants to make damn sure the threat is removed. Then there are all the damn movies where good guy shoots bad guy once, assumes bad guy is dead, relaxes, then sneaky bad guy either nails or damn near nails good guy, good guys girl, or good guys best friend.
Sounds plausible...until you look at the tape. There was no "split second decision" here. He walks, not runs, back into the store, right past the kid lying on the ground unconscious, takes his time getting the 2nd gun and simply executes him in cold blood. Don't make this into something else other than what it was in an effort to vindicate this barbaric act of murder. I think this guy was simply angry, not overcome with emotion and irrational.
Never can be too sure, wonder if the guy could get away with a temporary insanity plea since he might have been temporarily insane at the time. Dont know many people who would think clearly in those types of situations.
Temporary insanity is not defined as "not thinking clearly". Nobody is thinking clearly when the kill someone, at least very few are. This guy was not a 19 year old college kid, he was a Gulf War vet who had seen combat.

I think it's ridiculous this guy is getting support from the community like he's a hero. Heros don't murder people lying on the ground unconscious.

I wonder if the victim's name was Brent instead of Antwun whether this would be seen differently.
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