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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I'm sure there are genetic traits that make people more likely to be gay or lesbian, but I doubt there is a gay genetic marker.

For one they have identical twins, some are both gay, some both straight, some a 50/50 gay/straight. So that likely means that environment and experiences play a huge roll in whether or not someone becomes gay.

If it is genetic then they should do some stem cell gene therapy and make sure no dudes are gay. Wouldn't all the straight guys in the room agree that being straight has got to be better. We should push for all our brothers to be fixed!!!!!

But I think that is nonsense, it's not genetic, it's experiences and people just become who they become. Nothing wrong with it, just the way it is. You won't change it through DNA, or trying to go the religious route and make them feel like sinners.

I just don't see why they should get any perks to being married. What do gay people do to help country become stronger and younger?
Oh come on, man. That's ridiculous.

I'm admittedly homo-phobic to an extent, but people have the right to live their own lives, especially on issues that were predetermined for them. And no way it's a choice outside of some attention seeking bi-girls (who I love, btw). Listen, I'm pretty sure I don't have a specific gene saying I don't like asparagus, but that doesn't mean it was a learned trait. I don't ****ing like asparagus.

I wrote one of the guys I was in the Marines with a year back and found out he's gay. Turns out the entire time he was in, he was in denial, a raging alcoholic and almost committed suicide on a daily basis because that's just who he was, and his learned social experiences with it, and I'm probably largely to blame for this, was that it's wrong and unacceptable. He didn't choose to be what he is. He is what he is.
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