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Joe Mays

Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
so for your argument that when Peyton had defenses as bad as Jay's that he had a worse record you point to his rookie year in which he was taking over for a team that was 3-13 the previous two years

and the 2001 season in what was an injury plagued year for the organization.

not really making yourself a great argument with that.
I was refuting the assertion that Manning took teams to the playoffs with defenses as bad as ours. Any moron knows a team's ability to win is based on more than the QB, so these stupid arguments that a guy whose played 2.3 seasons with horrible defenses and a crappy running game should have been in the playoffs is just ignorant.

Maybe if we hadn't given up 30, 30 and FIFTY TWO POINTS in their last 3 games we wouldn't be having this idiotic disucssion.
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