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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27 View Post
I'm afraid you're wrong. With defenses that ranked where ours did with Cutler, Manning went 9-23 and Cutler went lose.

Denver Broncos Defensive Rank and Won-Lost Record:


2007: 28th/19th (7-9)
2008: 30th/29th (8-8)

Indianapolis Colts Defensive Rank and Won-Lost Record:


1998: 29th/29th (3-13)
1999: 17th/15th (13-3, lost first round)
2000: 15th/21st (10-6, lost first round)
2001: 31st/29th (6-10)
2002: 7th/8th (10-6, lost first round)
2003: 20th/11th (12-4, lost AFC Championship Game)
2004: 19th/20th (12-4, lost second round)
2005: 2nd/11th (14-2, lost AFC Championship Game)
2006: 23rd/21st (12-4, won Super Bowl)
so for your argument that when Peyton had defenses as bad as Jay's that he had a worse record you point to his rookie year in which he was taking over for a team that was 3-13 the previous two years

and the 2001 season in what was an injury plagued year for the organization.

not really making yourself a great argument with that.
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