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Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
At least Manning got his teams in the playoffs and had more wins than losses. His defenses were just as bad as ours, too.
I'm afraid you're wrong. With defenses that ranked where ours did with Cutler, Manning went 9-23 and Cutler went lose.

Denver Broncos Defensive Rank and Won-Lost Record:


2007: 28th/19th (7-9)
2008: 30th/29th (8-8)

Indianapolis Colts Defensive Rank and Won-Lost Record:


1998: 29th/29th (3-13)
1999: 17th/15th (13-3, lost first round)
2000: 15th/21st (10-6, lost first round)
2001: 31st/29th (6-10)
2002: 7th/8th (10-6, lost first round)
2003: 20th/11th (12-4, lost AFC Championship Game)
2004: 19th/20th (12-4, lost second round)
2005: 2nd/11th (14-2, lost AFC Championship Game)
2006: 23rd/21st (12-4, won Super Bowl)
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