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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
when i think of the best vocalists, i think of those singers who are instantly recognizable.
1 Steven Tyler
2 Elvis Presley
3 James Hetfield
4 Aretha Franklin
5 Janis Joplin
6 Bob Dylan
7 Chester Bennington(listen to this dude's voice. i know some people may b**** about him being mentioned, but this dude has a set of pipes on him)
8 Eddie Vedder
9 Bette Midler
10 Bon Scott
I agree with great vocalist being instantly recognizable. But I can recognize crappy vocalists instantly as well. I mean when I hear Brittany Spears I instantly say that is Brittany Spears, but she is a crappy singer.

It's all about the tone and voice control.
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