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Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post


One nation, seven sins
Geographers measure propensity for evil in states, counties

We have all heard religious leaders lament that the United States has turned sinful and ungodly. But, where exactly is this happening? Geographers from Kansas State University have used a variety of statistical data to map wickedness in counties across the nation, giving us a better idea of which specific cities and towns are ripe for smiting from above.

The prevalence of each of the Seven Deadly Sins is mapped out separately; for instance, gluttony was measured by tallying the number of fast food restaurants per capita, lust by rates of STD infection, and sloth by comparing rates of expenditures on recreation with rates of employment. When all was told, the Deep South and Bible Belt, along with California, are where people live least biblically, while the Midwest would make Moses proud.


very interesting
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