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Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister View Post

I have a goal weight, I guess, but I'm more concerned with how I look. I don't have a way to measure BF% at the moment. Can you suggest one?
Not insanely important. You'll know when you get down to ten when you start seeing real good definition. I can probably tell you from a picture within a couple percent, or just throw it up on a body building site for people to estimate.

You're the same height as I am, but probably have a thicker bone structure. You're lighter than I am now, but I spent a LOT of time in the gym getting to my weight, with a lot of diet discipline and even some cheat drugs.

I'd suggest you push for 175-180 and then maintain that for a month to make sure it's not just a lack of water weight. Then you should start learning everything you can about weight training and rotate into a good program supplemented with cardio and don't let your diet discipline slip.
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