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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Dude, Honestly.... Name a goal that was his fault. He made a ton of huge saves with guys teeing up in the slot. That game woulda been 10-1 without Biron.
The First goal was a fluke kickin by Cindy. Actually, it was kicked, hit the post and Marty tried everything to get wide. The puck came back, hit him in the skate and went in. The second goal was a 3 on 1. Actually, the way Carle played it (or didn't play it), it was a 3 on 0.
Third goal was a WTF moment by Mike Knuble. He threw a lazy pass behind the Net and Malkin is left all alone for 5 or 6 seconds. To make matters worse, Matt Carle has a clean shot to steam roll Malkin, but makes a lame effort with his stick. There isn't a goalie in the game that stops Malkin all alone in front for 5 second. In hindsite, Maybe Marty shouldn't have tried to poke check Malkin. Once he missed on the poke check, it was an easy goal. However, when you only have a tenth of a second to decide, you can't second guess the poke check decision.
The 4th goal was a defensive zone lost faceoff that went back to the point. No winger went to the point to pressure eaton. Eaton shoots and Giroux makes a perfect deflection in the slot and it gets by Marty.
You can lay blame on Marty all you want.... But, when you get out hit, out hustled, out shot, out chanced, lose the faceoff ration by 4 to 1, and commit stupid penalty after stupid penalty, I find it hard to blame the goalie.
I openly admit to not believing in Marty and I'll grant you the first goal wasn't his fault...after that though, well...I just find it hard to be happy with him.

I'm hoping he and the team performs much better tonight. GO FLYERS!!!
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