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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Thas one game Chad. I'm talking about doing that 4 outta 7 games. Like I said, This is the worst matchup for us. The only way we can beat them in a series is to bust them in the mouth every shift. Tonight, we got bunched, kicked,, spit, and raped in the mouth. That wasn't my Flyers.

3 Guys showed up tonight.... Richie, Giroux and Biron. Thats it. The Pens won with a total team effort. It wasn't Cindy, wasn't Malkin, it was everyone. They hit the snot out of us. I don't care that Cindy and Fred Flintstone had 1G and 1 A each.... they weren't that big a factor. The Pens beat us as a team.
I agree. I actually think that malkin, crosby & fluery were pretty average in this game. They had stats, but if you watched the game you know what i mean.

I fully expect the flyers to come out big in the next game. All in all, there are lots of games left.

PS - matt cooke is way better than ruutu.
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