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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
I hear ya Chad, but The Flyers don't match-up very well with the Pens. In the 90's, I woulda taken the Flyers roster over the Devils all day long. Problem is, we couldn't beat the Devils in any meaningful game.
Do I think we have zero chance? hell no. I will say though, this is the team I didn't want to see. Especially in the 1st round.
The thing is - will malkin or crosby produce like they are in the play offs? Crosby did better last year than the year before. Malkin seemed to really run out of gas at the end of the season last year. (This year he's stayed very productive.)

Will Fluery outplay Biron/?(whomever the flyers throw in next.)

To be honest, this is whom i wanted the pens to play first. I still think BOS is at the ECF's this year. But i wonder how their "youth" will do come playoff time.

The pens don't have as much grit as last year (roster wise). But Staal picked his game up towards the end of the season - and cooke is definitely better than ruutu.

I think the pens have 6 20g scorers - and seven 10-17g scorers.

I think the flyers have a more well rounded D than the pens - but it's not like the pens D is horrible either.

So i think this series goes 6 games - but i haven't decided on whom i think will win. (I'm still breaking it down)
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