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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by BizzyBone7
ive heard mixed reviews about Evanescence...i like that cd, but people say they didnt. ive heard more people say they liked it than they didnt tho.

Ive never heard of Lacuna COil. i dont like real hard rock, like i said i listen to hip hop mainly, but i like all kidns of music. can u compare them to a band out there?

well, thats kind of where i was heading. see, LC is a lot like evanescence only a bit more rock into it. but, if you heard Christinas voice in LC you would just melt man. if you have any kind of file transfer software then check out these tracks:

heavens a lie

these are some good tunes. LC isnt a real heavy band but they are more rock oriented than Evanescence. see what you think.
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