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Emma Watson

hmmm, lets see what is in the vault this week:

Susperia- Predominance
Lamb of God- As the palaces burn
Akercocke- Choronzon
Old Mans Child- In defiance of existence
Chimaira- The impossibility of reason
Meshuggah- Nothing
Dimmu Borgir- Death Cult Armageddon
Detachment- Suspended in stone
Pain- Nothing remains the same
The Black Dahlia Murder- Unhallowed

Originally Posted by BizzyBone7
im primarily a hip hop fan...but i recently bought the evanesence cd. i was amazed, every song pretty much was very well done. theres only 11 songs which is the only downfall, but its a very good cd

that band is nothing man. you need to check out LACUNA COIL. theyve been doing it longer and are much, much better. check out the album Comalies.
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