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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by TheNextStep
Liz Phair - Liz Phair
--Decent album with lots of easy hooks. After years of toiling on that edge of "critical darling" I guess this is her "make money record" (as Blues Traveller did with "Four" or Spin Doctors did with "Pocket Full Of Kryponite"). If you dig Phair a whole lot, you'll be disappointed. If you like accessible rock, its not bad (and "Why Can't I" is a great single). I don't recommend it nearly as heartily as I do Robert Randolph.
I panned this cd as one of the worst of 2003.

Perhaps I was a bit harsh in that assesment...but I have been into Phair since "Guyville" and this just sounded like Avril Lavigne to me (who it can be argued is a third rate Phair imtation herself) I was greatly disappointed with this one....I guess she just needed the cash.

The cover photos however and the "Why Can't I" video are not to be missed by any red blooded US male....
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