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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
I voted for you in the blackout rounds. I figured it'd be more of a showdown towards the end.

You can say you tried to recruit me - but you didn't really offer me anything. Just kept telling me to stand by with no information.

That doesn't work - so from the beginning my list was apa, conklin, ark, cbs, med, thedave, dortoh... You...were identified as a player early - so i wanted to make sure that if it came down to it - i was trying to set it up ahead of the curve.

I didn't make it to take you out directly - but i stuck you with votes - but only in the blackout rounds.
No, I offered to recruit you from even before the game! I'm not go ahead and expose everyone I'm playing with. I didn't even give that info to O&B, SureShot and Bowtown until we were halfway through with the game!

As for the blackout round votes, it's all good josh.
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