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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Now that the game's over I want to give some credits:

bowtown, SureShot, and orange&blue. you guys came up huge, especially in the trust department and were reliable on a daily basis. I'm EXTREMELY happy at least two of you got to the final 3... though I was SURE keeping you guys downlow would get all 3 in.

apa and med. we started planning from before day one, and they taught me a ridiculous amount fast and helped curb my innate blood thirst. I, or my fireteam, obviously wouldn't have gone nearly as far without you guys. My biggest regret in this game was miscounting the day Mediator got voted off. We were soooooo close and could've had it locked in, but Med wanted to take the fall for Amesj and Gunns.

and of course Hotrod. After the target got placed on Apa, we needed another inside man. no one could've done the job better.

Also thanks to Falconer and JCM, although you two were more of Apa's guys than mine.

Honorable mentions:
(sorry, you 3)
gunns, despite leaking everything we ever fed you
amesjosh, despite giving me a headache on a daily basis from your sheer unpredictability

Also to:
TheDave and CBF for the most transparent and fun blackout round ever. Close fight, but I did tell you.

Everyone else:

Hey, that's what happens from the outset when noone would return my PM's. I had to make deals round to round - I had my short list of 5 people i wanted gone right away - and i just took advantage of every option i could.

At the very end, when i held death's hand - i knew i was dead - i wasn't going to trade my votes for anything other than ****ing some **** up.

I figured if i hung around long enough - the votes i stuck to you early could be the balance shifter - like it was vs. Med. Med took the fall for me - but i also was able to set things up to take advantage of it.

You think it was unpredictable - but really - i had a plan - i just had to be very flexible with it - and i knew being shut out of the "teams" - the longer i was around - A) The bigger the target i had & B) the more chaos i could cause.

My only regret is wasn't aware of how serious some people take this game and do all sorts of planning "off site". To me, that really takes a lot of the fun out of it - and also galvanized my opinion for taking out my short list of people as fast as i could.

If some dumb mother ****ers here would have returned my PM's early (YOU ****ING SHEEP) i could have probably did even greater damage.

Everyone wants to talk about trust....Man i didn't trust anyone. I just went with my gut on who was actually more honest about their intentions. I know sooner or later everyone's gonna try to screw someone else.

So from the beginning when i felt played...i just did what i had to do.

It's why for some guys early i voted for (Conklin) - i figured from the beginning if you knew i'd vote for you - chances are - i wasn't going to do it again until later...and it'd be blood for blood. Sometimes sacrifice is more of a trade.

I then had to vote for JCMElway - he won overwhelmingly anyway - but he did a good job this game and i owed him one.

But all in all i had a hand in getting conklin, ark, thedave, screwed apa & therev - what more could you ask for?
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