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Well y'all it was an interesting year for me in survivor a lot more drama then I ever thought possible or wanted. old alliances and teammates are broken up and maybe beyond repair so next year looks like election '08 no old school incumbent to beat. It is going to be a wide open field with new alliances and new distrust. Next year will be totally unpredictable. My pride and joy was to build upon Dom's melt down of yesteryear and make it even better. Although Hotrod owes me rep for... that was awesome... post. And jason owes me a rep for voting for him and my small campaign for him although I back stabbed him the round before and he trusted me. I did warn him of 2 votes theory to my credit and did indeed warn him to beg his a$$ off. ark bro hasn't given me my customary two reps per a survivor year like in years past.

heydensmom I am sorry I didn't tell you of my undying love for you again this year in a drunken pm.

CBF1 you were my first three way

phone call ever thanks for making that possible.

broncosteven I am sorry I didn't know how to treat you I liked you a lot but I was too late to protect you. I was supposed to vote for you but I couldn't and didn't.

Conklin sorry I compared you to Rusty. I was so confused with out pics below screen names.

Falconer I never got my T-shirt just saying

sureshot I like you a lot even if you voted me out. I was a heavy supporter of late.

To my crazy californian cuz you need to get back to your roots sooner rather then later. Again as always Uncle Herbert and Aunt Betsy want to see you soon and pinch those fat little cheecks of yours. We have a triple wide now instead of that embrassing double wide. Thanks y'all for bring out the evil of every one and distrust and mayhem. Old Dude and Dom Casual kuddos to y'all if ever in Memphis shoot me a PM I will be glad to show y'all the city. Thanks to the host and hostess (Dom) Always a off season highlight.

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