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A few rep comments;

Time to start building your rep up again

Thanks bro. I almost made a plea against DBroncos4Life. I guess I should have.

I think its time to erase his beloved rep thread. Do it he deserves it.

Talk about a guy melting down over a game

just a suggestion, but throwing as many as possible to dorth, TheRev, and Apa would be an EXCELLENT start.

So how dead am I?


It's good to be the King, they say ...

so how screwed am I?

Oh, you don't know the half of it. You're going to see sucking up like you've never seen. Whether they like it or not.

that twist is going to screw me.

See baja - I ****ed with the power structure in a great next year - i have an idea...a good one. I hope you enjoyed the meltdown post.

how do you have 50 votes. Based on OD you only have 12 I think.

oh wow! Old Dude is always good to people who try to stir up the game. So you still get to play albeit can't win.

I hope he does. He deserves it. Took a lot of balls to turn on CBF and Dave and he didn't even hesitate. Too bad CBF is being a b**** about it.
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