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And here are my reps this year:

glad to have you back .......cuz

good point

I had to do this.... rating thing only

You kill me

that's not good.... Here.

Bark Like a Dog!

Dude you could have asked me and I would have told you. Hotrod and I are good friends OFF the board.

do you have a plan for round two yet?

I' as good as out but I did hear CBF1 has you lined up for a kill. watch your back.

I heard broncosteven, baja & Rusty - what's the lowdown?

now that I am out I get a lot of info for instance CBF1 is leading a move against you good luck

you are gone next round - the hit is in any last words?

Who's your Daddy?

Not your best post by far, but I just wanted to say that you guys are all doing me proud this year. And just to think ... I was about to retire! Keep it up!

Can I have your ghost votes when you are killed off this round

sick bastard

Send it, my copy is smeared.

It's all good CBS I do give him crap once in a while, like "You're so gay!" lol

how dare you air out the families dirty laundry in public

It's worrisome that you even know the protocol for that.

Remember we will work together before it is all over.

I was trying to make a joke about Dom.

told ya you had nothing to worry about

Hey your not gay for watching American Idol. I watch it every week & D gives me crap about it too lol! Good show tonight!

CBS, it scares me to no end that I know exactly where this comes from. I even have the first issue. In a mylar bag.

Yours was better. I felt like complete **** for an hour. So who are you going after with your ghost vote?

Thanks, you crazy hillbilly!

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